Tick Tock

By Edwina Maria Thompson

So here I am awake at night,
My thoughts becoming dark.
The future, now unclear to me…
So fearful, haunting, stark.
A ticking bomb, my weight to bear, That may NEVER explode.
It’s ticking soft I find by day;
At night, a heavy load.

It’s ticking grows with every dread, This scourge, it may return.
The fear that once again you’ll  face,
More cuts and poisons, burns.
A sentence of 5 years I hold,
A jailor none can see.
That ticking bomb reminding me,
I’m done; but far from free.

As final days approach from months, Of treatments you endure.
The hopes and prayers they rest that not,
Too long is found… ‘the cure’.
Anticipation teases of,
A desperate stay from death.
No quelling of the ticking bomb, Just counting every breath.

That bomb, I now will place aside,
To aid my sanity.
But darker humour does desire,
The  odd profanity.
So f**k my bomb, it’s ticking doom, May never it ignite..
No way will you my spirit break!!!This girl retained her fight!

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