It’s Too Much – I’ve Lost My Positive Today

by Carole Reid

“Five months after the removal of my right breast (mastectomy) my chest bone was still sore and all I could do was cry. When I feel that way I let the tears flow and then go into the studio to create art. This was done by drawing into styrofoam, inking up the styrofoam, printing it onto the paper and once dry adding the graphite body. Making art keeps me sane on all the insane days of recovery.”

 (ink and graphite, Carole Reid, 2017)


3 thoughts on “It’s Too Much – I’ve Lost My Positive Today

Add yours

  1. This is amazing
    So powerful.
    I have felt exactly the same way, it’s a strong image

    I was a printmaker and I’m a painter but haven’t been able to create a single image since my surgery, but seeing this make me think I should try
    Thank u for sharing

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