A Phoenix, A Wolf, A Warrior, And Me.

by Edwina Maria Thompson © 2017


A Phoenix, A Wolf,
A Warrior, And Me.

I look in the mirror
And what do I see.
A phoenix arising
From ashes of me.

I look at these wide eyes,
They’re bright and they shine.
My eyebrows, so dark now.
And guess what, they’re mine!

I laugh at my wild hair,
The black, grey and white.
My God, it’s so diff’rent!
A beautiful sight.

My skin is so fresh faced,
My head’s full of curls.
I’m already planning,
Night’s out with the girls.

They did say it grows back…
So hard to believe.
The waiting is endless.
Your image… you grieve.

This time, it does pass by.
While yearning for ‘you’,
But what will appear is,
Somebody brand new!

A fighter will grow bold,
As battles are drawn,
I promise, she’s in there,
A warrior’s born!

So next time you see me,
Look right in my face.
This girl holds no punches,
A wolf took her place!

I looked in the mirror,
This morning to see.
A phoenix, a wolf and
A warrior… all me!


Edwina Maria Thompson - A phoenix, a wolf, a warrior and me

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