Welcome to the Breast Cancer Art Project, just launched!


The Breast Cancer Art Project was launched in October 2017, in breast cancer awareness month.

Our mission is to provide a platform for those who have or had breast cancer to express their experiences of cancer through the power of art.

The emotional and physical experience of going through breast cancer can be powerful and painful. It can be difficult to express our feelings to the outside world. Art has a special way of assisting that expression. It can act as a type of therapy.

We are seeking art contributors and mentors to make this site a flourishing hub of artistic expression.

We welcome art, in all its forms, from paintings, drawings, photography, poetry, both fiction and non-fiction writing, music, film… regardless of your level of skill. It is about the process, not the final artwork, and there is no expectation of content nor ability. 

“People say they aren’t arty, but it really doesn’t matter. If you can make a mark or write a word, you can create”


Download our flier here: Breast Cancer Art Project – Poster A4


Don’t forget to ‘follow’ this site to receive email updates when new artwork is uploaded.

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